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Landor Phototex makes for a perfect backdrop in cafes and restaurants

Brighten up your work or living space with Landor Phototex Wallpaper

Phototex is a revolutionary self-adhesive fabric that is used in place of wallpaper for indoor and outdoor applications.

Phototex is a versatile repositionable wall covering that lends itself to residential, event, retail and commercial applications and can be custom printed to create bespoke options.

Phototex digital wallpaper has the following characteristics:

  • Polyester blend fabric for strength and easy hanging.
  • Specialised coating to produce high quality photo vibrancy when printed.
  • Low tack self-adhesive that is removable, repositionable and reusable, also totally paste free
  • Multiple print technology compatible – Pigmented, water based, solvent, eco solvent and UV curable inks.
  • Easily applied and easily removed without leaving any residue.
  • Will stick to virtually any non-porous surface, walls, windows, glass, doors and ceilings.
  • Can be applied to curved mounting surfaces.

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Phototex - Creative Installations

Be inspired - click to view a gallery of creative Phototex installations...

Phototex - Decorative Installations

Be inspired - click to view a gallery of decorative Phototex installations...