Landor UK Bolton Office
Landor UK's administration centre and warehouse in Bolton
Landor UK Creative Centre
Landor UK has creative centres at its offices in Fleet and Bolton
Warehouse in France
Landor has a warehouse operation in France to support international trade for customers

About Landor UK

Landor UK is the home of Phototex self-adhesive fabric. Phototex is the industry’s no 1 selling no-residue, removable, repositionable and recyclable peel and stick media.

Landor is also the UK’s largest developer and distributor of  liquid lamination coatings and coating systems for the Digital print and imaging markets.

Landor UK Solutions for Print Companies, Sign-makers,  Marketing and Creative Professionals

Founded in 2003 by Derric Landor, current MD,  Landor UK is focused on providing essential value,  benefits and advantages to all of its customers.. Directly and indirectly Landor  shares its knowledge  and expertise with in Print and display distributors and provides application, product support & advice to all brand owners, Design abencies and Print service providers worldwide. Everything we do is about enhancement, value, service quality, delivery and sustainability mainly in the print and display markets. 

At Landor, we are the extension of your print, marketing, retail, or creative imaging business or service. We are your resource and your partner for both as Product manager and application support manager. Indirectly we do this with the supply and support of leading edge versatile, revolutionary or unique sustainable products that solve almost everyday proplems for print or installations.. 

Our value added products are both innovative and high performance for the best in imaging, presentation, or visual communications.  We focus on product perfection, we listen we partner with you to deliver improvements, productivity and profitability to you. Always centred on time saving or problem solving, to give you the edge in your competitive markets or eliminate a challenge. We are here to help you stand out and add that value to your market.  Ask and and we will solve technical challenges, together!

Our PHOTOTEX self adhesive polyester fabric with its unique adhesive will not damage the surface of your walls and will save you and your customers so much time, surface repair and disruption or delays!

Our Liquid Lamination coatings are specially developed for the extended life, durability and sustainabiliy of th the printed image

The majority of our products and technologies are exclusively produced and distributed or developed in partnership with leading manufacturers. We are independant so if our products need a tweak we work with you to do that! We distribute throughout the UK, Europe and can support any country or locations in the world!

Landor Phototex Self Adhesive Fabric 

Our exclusive Phototex self adhesive fabric digital surface or wallcovering is a revolutionary low tac peel and stick ink jet media that replaces wallpaper, self adhesive vinyl, and a multitude of other applications because it is always damage free and residue free no matter how many times you use it or now matter how long it has been up you save even more when you do change it Not just time but disruption, mess and damage almost anything else will cause you when you change it or remove it. Its durable, stable woven fabric structure is not only dependable and hard wearing, durable and sustainable (and re-useable)  but it is also aesthetic, textured and particulary loved by the arts and theatre as well as the events and advertising industry. It will work and adhere to almost any non porous wall or surface and has both semi-translucent, and opaque grades as well as high tac for outdoor or textured surfaces.

Landor Liquid Lamination Coatings

The Landor Liquid Lamination coatings  range is extensive to provide added and enhanced protection of inkjet prints. Our specially developed high performance coatings provide essential protection of fine art, vehicle livery, digital wallpaper truck curtains, Lorry sides, Inflatables, awnings. Inside or outside, from the private home canvas print, inside or outside to the high traffic public venues and walkways, Landor protective inkjet coatings ensure the life, durability and sustainability of every print, usually doubling its life after coating. .

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