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About Landor UK

Landor UK: Sustainable Print Protection and PhotoTex Innovation

Landor UK Ltd., established in 2003, is a leader in developing and distributing sustainable solutions for the inkjet printing, installation, and visual communications industries. 

Our passion for preserving and enhancing printed graphics drives us to create specialist, durable, and eco-friendly printing, application and installations,

Phototex Self adhesive Fabric – Has defined a new standard in Adhesive technology, perfection and durability with its no residue, removable and repositionabel adhesive. that never loeses its adhesive strength. Unsurpassed by other adhesives. 

Leading the Way in Sustainability:

Our coating technologies, inkjet protection and primers adds that additional layer of protection and durability for the printed image.  

We offer a comprehensive range of sustainable print protection solutions, including giclée varnishes, protective coatings, primers, and more. These products ensure print quality, longevity, and environmental responsibility for indoor and outdoor applications.

Introducing PhotoTex Self-Adhesive Fabric:

Landor is proud to be the exclusive distributor of PhotoTex, a revolutionary self-adhesive fabric that redefines the adhesives market. PhotoTex offers a trifecta of benefits:

  • Wall-Safe Removal: Effortlessly removes without damaging surfaces.
  • Unmatched Reusability: Reposition and reuse countless times.
  • Eco-Friendly Disposal: Fully recyclable for a sustainable solution.

PhotoTex’s woven texture, exceptional durability, and easy “stick and peel” application make it perfect for various applications.

A Testament to Quality:

One of our first PhotoTex installations (Olympia 2012) still graces our boardroom walls twelve years later, demonstrating its incredible lifespan (our “Lifetime PhotoTex Challenge!”).

PhotoTex: A Hidden Gem for the Industry

PhotoTex offers a wealth of benefits for the imaging and print industry. It surpasses the limitations of traditional vinyl and plastic films, providing a more sustainable and versatile option.

Landor Liquid Lamination:

Landor is also a UK & European leader in liquid lamination coatings and systems. We develop cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions for the imaging, communication, and industrial sectors. Our easy-to-use coatings offer additional protection, durability, and longevity for printed images.

Your Print Management Partner:

Landor UK is dedicated to providing you with the essential tools for delivering quality and sustainability in your printing projects. We share our knowledge and expertise with brand owners, retailers, design agencies, and print service providers worldwide, offering application support, advice, and guidance.

Focused on Innovation and Partnership:

At Landor, we are your one-stop resource for everything print and imaging. Our high-performance, value-added products are designed to improve productivity and profitability for your business. We focus on product perfection, listening to your needs and partnering with you to solve problems and make a difference.

Independent and Global:

We are an independent company, not restricted by brand limitations. We can adapt our products or develop solutions specifically for your needs. Landor distributes throughout the UK and Europe, with the capability to support projects worldwide.

Let’s Work Together!

We are here to help you stand out and add value to your market. Feel free to contact us with any technical challenges – together, we can find a solution!

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