Eco-Friendly Large Format Digital Printing Materials, Methods and Applications

The challenges faced with replacing PVC materials  with more environmentally friendly design and print solutions  The use of PVC and plastic materials in the design and print industry has its advantages, such as lower cost, vibrant colors, and in some cases ease of application. However, there are significant downsides to their use, especially when it […]

Consider liquid lamination for your substrates

It’s all very well printing huge coverings and colourful tension systems, but how do you keep them durable and looking good for longer? In today’s market, while inks have vastly improved, many brands also want a finished solution that is sustainable, lasts a long time, and is lightfast. This is the complete solution that many […]

The Phototex Advantage for Museums and Galleries

What makes Phototex such an advantage for Museums and Gallery applications? Phototex is a versatile, temporary, or permanent and durable long lasting adhesive fabric that can be used for a variety of marketing and event applications. One of the key benefits of Phototex is that it allows you to create immersive, engaging environments by seamlessly […]

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