Applying Phototex Self-adhesive Wallcovering is Child's Play

How easy is that?

Elliot Landor shows how easy it is to hang, remove and reposition Phototex. Elliot demonstrates using a picture of himself, printed on full-drop home wallpaper is just as easy. There are no camera tricks or staging in this video; Landor Phototex self-adhesive media is really as easy as that to put up and take down.

Home wallpaper drops are as easy to hang and unlike pasted wallpaper if there are bubbles then you can peel it back, reposition to get a smooth finish.

There's also no messy pasting as Phototex has its own unique adhesive.

Easy to use Phototex is a winning wallpaper against standard pasted wallpaper and wall coverings. Professional decorators are obsolete! Take Elliots lead in his ‘easy as that’ video and have a go yourself.