Ten Years On and Landor Phototex is Still Looking Good!

Ten Years On and Landor Phototex is Still Looking Good!

Happy birthday to Landor Phototex, ten years and still going strong. If you think this is impressive, we have images on Phototex that have been up for even longer at our test sites. We now have test results from the initial prints created and hung in 2005, and they are still holding up.

Painted by hand – 7 Years on

For over 7 years the beautiful hand-painted mural (as pictured below) has been hung and admired. This is a fantastic use for Phototex by simply hanging it on the wall and allowing the artist to create a bespoke design. Think about this in a school or nursery to bring out the artist in children. Once a child has expressed themselves by painting their picture, Phototex can be taken down, taken home and put on their bedroom wall, because it is a repositionable media.

Added protection

Use Liquid Lamination to improve the colour vibrancy of the image with our Matte Liquid Laminate with a slight sheen ‘Wallpaper Matte’. We recommend hanging Landor Phototex onto the wall and hand applying Liquid Lamination over the finished article for the best protection.

We always recommend using Liquid Lamination with Phototex in high traffic areas or outdoor applications and to improve fade resistance. Our test have shown outdoor longevity to be 6-12 months depending on the conditions with pigmented inks.

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