Digital Tyger – Case Study


Keeping ahead of the game

Digital bespoke large format graphics are the name of the game for Digital Tyger and they are recognised for not only creating colourful and diverse wall coverings but also for inspiring ceiling images.

They were recently commissioned by Innex Architectural and Interior Design Solutions to provide two awe inspiring ceiling graphics at a Thwaites pub in Morecambe called The George’.

Landor Phototex was their immediate choice of media to use due to its ease of use for such a demanding application. Chris Pitts, creative director at Digital Tyger Ltd has used Landor Phototex for many years commenting “I have used Landor Phototex for numerous projects and have found it by far the best product to use for ceiling art installations.

Landor Phototex is by far the best product to use for ceiling jobs

Because of its unique adhesive and durable fabric it saves me so much time and effort when carrying out these tricky projects and without the risk of damaging the ceiling when positioning it into place”.

Using such a versatile media enables me to complete solo installations which also helps to keep costs down for our clients and the quality never suffers.

One of the many reasons why Phototex is so good to use for ceilings and walls is because even if it gets stuck together during installation it will easily pull apart without any distortion or damage to the printed media.

Chris added “I can’t imagine ever using a paste and bucket for this type of application again”.

Thwaites Brewery were delighted with the results and received lot’s of positive feedback when the pub opened it’s doors to the public shortly after the refurbishment.

Digital Tyger

I can’t imagine ever using a paste and bucket for this type of application again

The work received the Highly Commended Award at the British Sign & Graphics Awards 2016

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