Liquid Lamination Equipment

Equipment for Liquid Laminating

The Landor Liquid Lamination range of Coating machines protects and enhances all types of prints up to 3.3m wide prints, efficiently as well as with an eco friendly add on.  Production sized machines start with 1.6m wide with the choice of the Starlam 1600R and the Landor Liquid Lamination Coater range,  up to 3.3m wide. . These Machines operate with Water based coatings (LFP Waterbased Series).

Whether it is a Matte or High Gloss finish or Anti-graffiti protection you are looking for, we provide the Liquid Lamination Machines, Liquid Coatings, Primers and support that is needed for the enhancement, protection and durability of digital prints.

Liquid Lamination and Liquid Coating Machines provide a highly productive, low cost and low waste method of coating, protection and enhancement of your prints. Contact Landor today for impartial advice on what is right for y

Landor 1.6m water based coated for roll to roll flexible media 

1.6m Landor Liquid Laminator


The  1.6m water based liquid laminator coater by Landor is an efficient and eco friendly method to add an additional layer of protection to your digital prints 

A diverse range of applications benefit from our liquid lamination coating systems and choice of coating finishes.  

From Bouncy castles, vehicle graphics, vehicle wraps, digital wallpaper, truckside curtains, flex face signage as well as anti graffiti and anti-microbial coatings add that extra layer of protection and longevity to your prints. 

Our coatingw will effectively resist water, chemical, uv fade and abrasion offering your prints a longer life even when up agains harsher environments or those unexpected events, that can damage your prints. 


3.3m Landor Liquid Laminator

Perfect for coating a wide range of art prints and something else

Our super wide 3.3 m Landor Liquid Laminator offers excellent quality and laminating capabilities for large scale projects. 

Contact us now for a personal demonstration to see what this incredible machine can offer.


Burkle Liquid Coater

Perfect for coating a wide range of art prints and something else

UV curing liquid protective coatings and primers are applied with the Bürkle Liquid Lamination range. Choose from the Bürkle LFC with either a 1300mm or 1600mm working width. The Bürkle LFC 2100 is a 2.1 meter machine for priming and coating panels for printing and liquid laminating rigid and flexible substrates.

If you would like to learn more about liquid lamination, coatings, the process or the equipment, you are most welcome to visit and bring your own print substrates for testing. We will also be happy to arrange test coatings. Just get in touch with us. 

Short term euqipment rental is also available subject to availabiliy at the time, or come to us for your coating requirements and we can do them for you! or tel: +44 1252 624 411

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