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Liquid Laminates - Protective coatings By hand or Machine

Liquid lamination is a quick, easy to apply solution that provides an additional layer of protection  to extend the life and durability of Prints. Invariably, liquid lamination addresses the shortfalls of film lamination particularly when it comes to flexibility, but also is a much more eco-friendly application.

Whilst films will add rigidity, or re-inforce and strengthen as well as protect printed surfaces and substrates, liquid lamination maintains the flexibility and softness of substrates, as well as the touch and feel of substrates like canvas. Liquid Lamination coatings offers a protective soluton for textured materials like canvas and textile, where film laminates simply cannot, as they lack the flexibiity needs to work with the texture. 

Looking for Longer life prints without prints fading too early? Worried about abrasion in high traffic areas?  Outdoor banners and flex face signs have no alternative for added protection other than liquid lamination for extended life protection. Lamination films will not work. Liquid Lamination coatings are also ideal for Flex face signage.  Some common examples are vehicle Graphics, Truck curtains, Bouncy castles, Building facades, Outdoor advertising. All of these are vulnerable to the different elements that can cause premature fade or degradation of your important print assets

Liquid Lamination
Air Spray
1.6m Liquid Laminator Coater

Today’s inkjet technologies have become durable and quite long lasting. But all inks, no matter what their technology has its vulnerability especially for long life or light fastness. The key risks of degradation are exposure to water, chemical, pollution, UV light and abrasion.For this reason Liquid lamination offers the extended layer of protection to enjoy and reatin your prints for a longer enjoyable life! 

For the past 20 years we have worked with and developed our range of coatings with the pioneers of polymeric coatings. 

Today, our water based coatings provide a fully dependable protective layer using eco-friendly chemicals that are both safe for the user and for the environment.  

In todays environment friendly concious society, it is important we work towards longer life prints rather than increased waste and disposable and replacable plastics, especially PVC. 

Our Phototex fabric with its long life, non damaging adhesive without protection survives internally for over 12 years (and still counting) : Externally we have  seen and have prints lasting easily up to 7 years 

As imagination and innovation breaks barriers in print, so too do we help the challenges of print in harsh environments meet the objectives, esceed the limits of the damage and degradation that print will otherwise experience if not protected. 

By hand roller, spray equipment, foam pads, or our range of coaters, we can advise and reccomend the durability and stability of your print assets. Just give us a call! +44 7968 952157 

Inkjet and Solvent primers

Landor Liquid Lamination  range of products inclue Inkjet Primers also known as top coats to improve the ink adhesion and keying of inkjet inks to the intended print surfaces. Poor adhesion will lend your prints to ease of abrasion damage and de-lamination. Whilts this is typically used for rigid boards this can also be a solution for flexible media. We offer solvent Primers and UV curable primers and some water based primers are also available . 

Solvent primers  can usually be applied by hand cloth or with rollers or spray equipment. Solvent Primers  are usually only effective if you use within a short period of time: 1-2 hours. But climate, surface energy, humidity and ink sets can alter these timescales.  The key reason for these inkjet primers is to improve surface energy that limits the performance of the ink binders to some substrates. 

Generally speaking solvent primers are intended as a quick fix to an inkjet adhesion issue. If you are looking for, or need a more durable and sustainable end product you may wish to contact us with a call for further suppoprt and application specific solutions. 

Typical substrates where primers are likely needed or essential inlcude Polypropolene (PP) some ceramics, and some plastic coated or uncoated boards, but most likely and important is Glass as this is porous and will sweat due to the nature of the tempered and satefy glass that is used for decorative and print applications. 

Water based primers are easier to handle and more stable and offer better adhesion. White primers are more common.

UV curable primers are also a good choice especially for glass and PP substrates if you have the UV curing  technology to use them. If not we would reccomend you work with solvent or discuss water based options with us. 

For more personalisd assistance and guidance, please get in touch with us and we will do what we can to help you 

Call us now on tel:+44 1252 624 411 or email: support@landoruk.c

Inkjet Primers

Perfect for coating a wide range of art prints and something else

Sometimes, and often unpredictably, some inks, and more often than others, UV inks can or will fail to adhere properly to some  substrates. This is usually attributed to the surface energy of inks, and substrates together and it can also be driven by working climate and conditions. The most challenging of substrates seems to be PP (Polypropolene- fluted) and glass, the more frequent ones. However it should be noted that sometimes other substrates are not tested for adhesion so this problem goes un-noticed.  The bonding layer of our primer coatings improves ink reception and vibrancy. If it scratches easily, perhaps you have an adhesion problem that can be improved with one of our specialist primers. 

Opportunities and advancement of alternative and innovative print and display ideas and substrates and surfaces can now be printed using UV Flatbed printers, exceeding conventional restrictions. If you have adhesion issues, get in touch, perhaps we can help! or tel:+44 1252 624 411 

Inkjet Solvent Sprays

Increase UV Fade and Water resistance, while enhancing image vibrancy

ClearJet® Inkjet Spray is an easy to use solvent inkjet print Spray fixative and  UV  resistant Laminate coating.  Increase UV Fade Resistance, Water resistance,  and enhance image vibrancy of your inkjet prints by spraying quickly and easily a clear protective coating. Fast drying and easy to apply yourself, Clearjet is the preferred choice by professional Artists, photographers, designers, home, craft and hobbyist users alike. It is particularly beneficial to transform paper prints into water proof prints

ClearJet®  Liquid laminate Protective spray is compatible with virtually all print or decorative substrates, including canvas, vinyl (enamel receptive and non-enamel receptive), banners, fiberglass, wood, metal, plastic, and paper. ClearJet® is optimised for standard inks (water-based),  as well as all other ink types such as Solvent, UV, Latex, and even Dye Sublimation prints.

Water based liquid laminates​

For all non-water-sensitive applications

Landor Water Based liquid lamination coatings is your first choice for all non-water-sensitive applications. This Formulation has been created using state-of-the-art resins and ultraviolet inhibitors that protect the substrate, ink, and the clear coating itself. These non-yellowing clear coatings have excellent exterior durability and are highly flexible. For water sensitive applications such as dye inks we reccomend you to use our Solvent based liquid lamination coatings that you can either apply by hand or use our ready to spray Aersol sprays.

Use Landor water based Liquid coatings on almost all water resistant substrates, including waterproof canvas, PVC adhesive vinyl, banners, fiberglass, wood, metal, plastic, and water resistant paper.

Our water based coatings  can be  applied over solvent-based, Eco solvent, UV and Latex inks and almost all other printed ink and media combinations.

Our Liquid Lamination coatings  are available in several versions. You can choose from Gloss, satin, matt finishes. 

UV Curable Liquid Lamination

Primer, Finishing, Protection

Our advanced  UV curable inkjet protective coatings, inkjet receptive, as well as over-protective coatings, are all produced from the highest performance resins available in the market today. Over 20 yrs experience enables us to understand the needs and rapidly expanding and changing market needs.

Enhance your prints with improved image vibrancy, gloss or matt, as well as protect and extend the life of your prints.

Our UV Coatings resist almost any environment, indoors or outdoors, public or private venues. For Hoardings our coatings will also provide anti -graffiti protection which is usually water washable or washable with Graffiti cleaners. 

In addition to the Marabu rante, the Landor-developed portfolio, extends to additional areas of specialiiy including ink receptive primers, dry wipe coatings, and extended UV curable print protection. Whatever the sustainability or durability you need, our range of coatings, expertise and coatings systems is designed to support all print substrates, inks and applications, indoor and outdoors. Speak with us and we will discuss your needs specifically  and ensure your needs are exceeded.

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