Creative Hub

The Landor Creative Hub evolved from the sharing of ideas from our client base, b2b and consumer. Often we get requests for feedback and brainstorming  from enquiries for our highly versatile Phototex peel and stick, damage free removable fabric.  With a wide resource of developers, printers, designers, and artists within our networks, our Creative Hub is a central resource for anyone looking for a shared workplace and creative resources,  or just a vision to work in a creative environment. If you have a creative idea that you would like to develop we would like to help there too,if we can.

Based in Fleet Hampshire, and in Bolton Lancashire, we open our doors to designers, creatives, marketeers, developers, printers and entrepreneurs to share ideas and use the vast web of resources, but equally from all professions, as well as students. We hope to welcome you soon to become part of our business network. 

Perhaps you just need a place to think, work, design, print, finish or paint? Perhaps you would like to work with like minded people, professionals, artists and designers. Get in touch today and lets see how we can build and materialise these ideas together!

Part of the objectives of our workplace is the ability to share ideas with each other and benefit from the opinions of other like minded independants, entrepreneurs from all types of professions who prefer to work within a community than at home. 

Our Print room (and art room) also allows anyone  to test and explore their creativity with our direct resources/materials. 

Print – Cut – wide format or small stickers, clear, or opaque, canvas, Phototex self adhesive fabric or even watercolour papers 
adding protection with the Landor range of protective print coatings is another service available to our creatives, artists, designers or hobbyists within 
Not to forget the opportunities to  produce, and to get help with your social media posting 

Our spacious, individual desks all come with personal storage, so that your personal items can be left and stored overnight, including laptops, securely.

For further information on the Creative Hub please email us at,

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