Artist Lucie Conoley’s paintings map the urban heartland of London

Increasingly artists have sought to re-imagine the way we use maps, to make them less of a tool and more of a statement. London artist Lucie Conoley has made a name for herself by creating personalised maps of the city streets.

Her bespoke maps range from postcards and canvases right up to large format murals. Each of these reproductions can document the life of a person in their area and showing special places or significant moments in people’s lives.

Most recently Lucie was commissioned to provide a large 1.5 metre x 7 metre mural which was inkjet printed on Landor Phototex.

Lucie commented “I wanted to use a material that complimented the texture and feel of my canvas prints, Landor Phototex is a fantastic product, just perfect for what I need.

“It’s so easy to apply and allows me to extend the range of surfaces and applications my work can be used for.”

Lucie Conoley – artist

I’m mapping my way around the world here, one little town at a time.