Landor Phototex – What Makes it Unique?

The largest challenge with the construction as well as invention of self adhesive in fabric is the nature of the fabric and its behaviour as a woven product rather than a smooth processed film. Climate, humidity, temperature can cause expansion and shrinkage of most plastic substrates un detected by the eye. Therefore to make a fabric that you can safely install onto a surface you need to have a stability and a flexibility. This is one of the key factors to the uniqueness of Landor Phototex self adhesive fabric. Most adhesives over time harden and this will in itself create air movement, bubbles and can lead to falling off the surface. This is a similar challenge facing lamination films. Our unique adhesive and ink receptive coating does not change over time. But this stability in our adhesive also is critical to the dependability of our fabric remaining stable on different surfaces as well as in different or variable environments.  Flexibility is key. Just like our Liquid Lamination coatings where the key attribute and necessary characteristic is flexibility to adjust with its surrounding surface or substates, when temperature, humidity changes occur, it is essential that the adhesive has a tolerance and adaptability when these environments change. The additional exposure of Landor Phototex  in its manufacturing process to extreme heat, and to extreme cold also ensures that as many imperfections are cured out of it before it is used. Both adhesive and inkjet receptive coatings need to be very flexible and this is what is done to guarantee the success of Landor Phototex.

When you print onto a roll of Landor Phototex, you also need to be assured that the combination of adhesion of ink, flexibility of the fabric, ink saturation are at their optimum for the printed image visually as well as good adhesion to the surface. The long term durability therefore of Landor Phototex now over 10 years in the market, is guaranteed. As more and more users take on Landor Phototex as their preferred self adhesive surface covering, the more creative and innovative projects and ideas make their way onto all sorts of surfaces and in all sorts of different applications. And don’t forget: If you want to double the live or preserve the life of your Landor Phototex project check out all you need to know about Landor Liquid Laminates and don’t forget that if you want more information please do join The Phototex Tech Club

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