What Makes Landor Phototex Unique?

The major influence in Landor Phototex and what makes it stand out is first and foremost in its unique adhesive but also in the quality of its print result.

Landor Phototex self adhesive fabric is permanently re-movable, repositionable fabric when applied to any smooth non porous surface. Landor Phototex is printable with virtually any ink technology. Its most popular is Inkjet, using Pigment, Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV and latex inks. Wide format of course makes the size and application endless in possibilities. As well as a non residue adhesive, this in itself is very difficult to achieve because most glues harden and stiffen, and permanently bond over time. Landor Phototex adhesive does not. Special pre- and post manufacture treatments also ensures its reliability and stability, incuding exposing it to high heat and cold to remove any imperfections in the fabric.

Inkjet coatings usually need to be quite dense in order to produce a vibrant looking printed image. Most fabrics cannot achieve this because the flexibility of coating is critical in fabric constructions. This is again where Landor Phototex remains flexible, and bonded well with ink, coatings, and adhesives provides the most reliable, durable, stable  adhesive & fabric, – Reposition as many times as you like, virtually anywhere – indoor or outdoors.- with Landor Phototex.