Phototex creates unique wall space

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Metro Imaging work with leading contemporary artist to create a unique wall design at Oval Space

Over 30 years of experience and expertise in the creative market has seen London’s Metro Imaging work with some of the world’s most inspirational photographers.

Metro recently worked with Seecum Cheung, artist and arts curator for Oval Space in East London, to create a large scale project space in the entrance lobby using Landor Phototex, a unique self adhesive fabric wallpaper.

Seecum Cheung designed the artwork using gold as her theme, whilst she explored the link between commerce, surveillance and seduction. Focusing on the idea of the captured image as a valuable resource for companies and governments in consumer analysis – hence drawing parallels between the values of gold and data.

The project was very successful and a delighted Seecum Cheung commented “As data collection is ingrained into our everyday lives, enveloping audiences in images of surveillance using the subtle intentions of wallpaper was important to the concept though I was hard pressed to find a material that would deliver the print quality that I required. I also needed it to be affordable whilst limiting damage to the walls, and due to time constraints it needed to be easy to install.”

“My sponsors at Metro Imaging presented Landor Phototex to me and instantly we agreed that it was the perfect material to use. We installed it over in less than 24 hours and were greatly impressed by the results.”

My sponsors at Metro Imaging presented Landor Phototex to me and instantly we agreed that it was the perfect material to use.

Steve Mcleod, director at Metro Imaging said “For some time we have had requests from artists for a photographic material that could be utilised as an immersive product particularly relevant to installation and constructed spaces. In-line with our solutions based attitude at Metro Imaging we investigated various options and found that Landor Phototex had all the qualities that we were looking for.

The product was of the quality we expect in producing high end photographic works and could be utilised in a way that was able to uphold aesthetic scrutiny as well as being a robust product able to withstand wear and yet have a low impact on site location. The material has an excellent tonal range and has a direct synergy with the photographic materials that we commonly use, as we strive to offer more options and to expand the possibilities that photographic imaging can deliver it is a welcome addition to our services.

About Metro Imaging

Metro Imaging is the UK’s leading professional photographic lab, committed to providing the highest standards of service and excellence to the photographic industry.

With over thirty years of experience of the imaging industry, we have the ability to adapt fast to marketplace changes consistently offering innovative and unique services. Our comprehensive exhibition services, utilising one-to-one production management by expert technicians, printers and framers means we can cover every aspect of image production, including a full in-house service, from concept to final installation.

In addition to our walk in premises in EC1 we have Metroprint; taking Metro Imaging’s high-level of investment and expertise online and available to all photographers. This service is designed around a growing number of photographers who want remote expertise and 24 hour ordering at very affordable prices.

Of course traditional, specialist printing services will always remain central to Metro’s business but Metroprint makes everything customers have always liked about Metro; good colour management; top end machines, genuine black and white prints on black and white paper, available 24 hours via the web.

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