Enjoy the Peel & Stick benefits of Phototex!

Nothing compares to  the Phototex Advantage! It the first and only fabric that you can be sure never damages the surface when removed!

  • It works every time, leaves no residue and never damages walls or other surfaces

  • It stays up forever, but can be repositioned and removed easily whenever you need to.

If you want to Peel and Stick It – Just Phototex It.

Phototex is the only multi-Repositionable peel & stick Adhesive Fabric that leaves NO Residue
Saving you as much as 75% installation costs & 95% removal & replacement costs - every time!

You can even save it for re-use or remove it and reposition it as many times as you like!

Phototex self-adhesive fabric is an environmentally friendly media, which is dry waste recyclable. Easy to transform any smooth surface.

Create – inspire- promote- commincate – decorate and express yourself with Phototex peel & stick repositionable fabric

Product Range


The original versions of Photo Tex. For single prints, backlite, doors, elevators, and windows.


A 50% Higher-Tack version of the originals for tougher surfaces.

Textured surfaces – outdoors – floors! 

Always comes off in one piece!


Opaque Photo Tex versions No see through, when overlapping murals/wallpaper.

Phototex Reviews...


Phototex wallpaper is a paste free wall covering. Simply print it, peel off the backing paper and put it on the wall or other surface. The unique oil based adhesive means Phototex is fully removable as the adhesive does not cure. No more hassle when putting it up or taking it down.

If you fancy seeing some printed samples please contact us, or if you wish to create some samples yourself then please contact us to purchase your discounted sample roll.

Phototex is a strong fabric which is rigid enough to remove and refit, this helps in two ways. Firstly when putting up Phototex if there are any bubbles or wrinkles simply peel back and smooth onto the surface again. Secondly if you want to move the poster, peel back and reuse on the new site. If doing this it is good practice to make sure the adhesive side does not come into contact with dirt or dust.
It will stick to virtually any flat surface and some slightly textures surfaces. We have experience sticking it over wood chip wall paper. Walls, windows, Poles, doors, cars, boats, tiles, sealed wood, mirrors, white fronted goods and many more.
Yes it can, high humidity does not affect Phototex. We have been running a test for over 6 months in a shower and it is still stuck as though it was the first day. For added protection it can be liquid laminated.

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