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The Landor Print Consultancy is a unique service dedicated to all Landor Customers, distrbutors, partners, industry associates, and anyone searching for solutions to their visual communication needs or challenges. .  Combining our vast technical experience, & knowledge, global networks,  & information we have a lot to share. and we want you to be the beneficiary of what we hear and learn from the  field. Its all very well listening to a salesman embellishing all the benefits and advantages of their products without once mentioning its shortfalls. 

This is where we come in! – we are constantly learning the benefits, advantages and pitfalls of every aspect of print. from the printer that disappoints, to the media that doesn’t last or fails to meet expectation. We also understand the modern and the outdated RIP softwares and all the conditions that make it work or fail your expectations! 

We are priveledged to represent some of the best products and solutions in the market that addresses so many challenges so to compliment this we want to compliment your business with the best choices for your applications,  sustainability, durabilty, versatility. We do not offer alot of products but what we do offer is the certaintly of the best for the best and the most durable and viable solutions for today. 

Our aim is to  provide the very best impartial advice and knowledge when it comes to making important choices that concern the choice of print technologies, applications media, output, even software but above all the quality, durability and impression of output whether its for one day, one month, one decade. we want to share with you our field knowledge and help you avoid the pitfals and match the standards you expect and deserve in your journey whether you are an end user, a brand owner, a printer or a distributor. Together we can help determine the outcome as it should be and know the advantages as well as the disadvantages, the pitfalls and the magic of our world of visual communications. 

For many years we had the priveledge and the advantages working with the best and the strongest producers of print technology, and we maintain these relationships today. But 

Of course, we are specialists in our own leading edge inkjet technologies – Landor Phototex Self adhesive fabric, Landor Liquid Lamination protective coatings and associated application fluids and inkjet primers. However, we recognise the importance of referring the best output using the best print technologies as well as the best support services..


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