Anti Graffiti liquid lamination starter kit with Gloss finish


The Landor Liquid Lamination starter kit for anti-graffiti applications includes 100ml of Landor Liquid laminate of your choice, 1x roller tray, high density foam roller & handle or optional Foam brush. This is supplied in two components.  4 parts A, and 1 part B, the hardner. It has a shelf life of a couple of hours. Mixe well before applying. Allow a few hours to touch dry, Overnight best if possible. 

The anti-graffiti coating  protects and enhances mural, prints and wall coverings in Gloss, Satin and Matte. Washable with water or graffiti remover. 

The  Anti-Graffiti Landor Liquid Lamination starter kit has everything you need for a quick test and easy way to protect printed displays from graffiti and damage, with washability and erasability of your graphics without damage to the graphic!

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