Phototex Self-Adhesive Fabric (OPA) 3m Sample Roll


Landor Phototex Self-Adhesive Fabric (OPA) is also available in a 3m x 42″ sample roll. This Opaque self-adhesive media provides 99% block-out for wallpaper, overlapping/paneling, low and no VOC paints, and textured walls. It has 20% stronger removable tack than original Phototex self-adhesive fabric and is ideal for cut-outs, stickers and decals.

(OPA) Opaque/Block Out – Opaque Phototex can be printed with Aqueous, UV & Latex Inks.

Landor Phototex self-adhesive fabric sample rolls are a great way to try before you buy. And we are very confident you will buy.

The Phototex Self-Adhesive Fabric (OPA) 3m x 42″ Sample Rolls are for water-based, UV and Latex ink-based machines from all leading manufacturers.

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