Print Consultancy

The Landor Print Consultancy is a dedicated service provided to all Landor Customers, distrbutors, partners and associates, aimed at providng the very best impartial advice in the important choice for the renewal, upgrade or first time purchase of print equipment, finishing hardware, and software.

As specialised in leading edge inkjet technologies such as Landor Phototex Self adhesive fabric, Landor Liquid Lamination protective coatings and associated application fluids and inkjet primers, we recognise the importance of referring the best output using the best print technologies as well as the best support services.

At Landor we have a network of customers, suppliers, and printers all whom have in one way or another shared with us the benefits and the attributes of their choice and experience with their printing technologies, and so it is our pleasure to assist you in any way possible to continue the Landor Tradition of giving sound advice from real time field and customer experience. It is our aim to be part of your purchasing decision, as we do not see ourselves as anything other than your consultative colleague in the purchase decision for your next print technology. As with our output advice we also want you to benefit with our inside and market knowledge to help you make the right choice. Invariably we can also put you in touch with like minded customers to share their reasons for choosing the right machines.

If you would like the advice and the support not just in selecting the right machine but more importantly after you have switched on your machine, here at Landor, this is where we can bring you much greater independant value.
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