The Advantages of Liquid Lamination

Coating by Hand
1.6m Water Based Coater
Aersol Sprays

Every printed image is susceptible to damage unless it has a form of protection.

Frequently this is achieved with glass in frames when it comes to photography, art and reproductions, or windows or glass for advertising and promotions. These days, not too much attention is paid to the need for protection when it comes to inks because they are so much better than they used to be. 

What you cannot prevent is the unpredictable:-  Damage to your print and substrate. This can be prevented. 

A little protection can go a long way!

It is often the the responsibility of the  producer/ printer of the image to make this decision, and all too often influenced by the assumption or presumtion of cost or  time (or labour) which introduces a new process within the finishing stages of print, before your artwork goes out the door. 
Today, with sustainability and durability at the top of our agenda, we should consider more seriously the impact , the value and the benefits of protecting your assets. 
Its always nicer when it lasts longer, than when it doesn’t last long enough!  
If the print quality or the demise of your print could be at risk in certain environments, its a good thing to give it that small extra layer of protection”.  
It is always a good idea to conduct an open discussion with the client, the end user or the specifiers their expectations and potential “pain” or undesireable outcome if expectations are not achieved. It is better to plan and protect than to resist and fail your client or your own expectations or commitments!
At Landor, we can advise, assist and even test you prints or your substrates.  We have been coating and supporting prints for over 20 years so usually we can provide you with real time case study results and what you can achieve with the protection of your prints with out coatings, your inks, printer and substrates.
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UV Faded poster
External Graphics Exposed to UV
All too often we dont really discuss or ask this question because it is often assumed the protection of the print is something the client doesnt want to pay for. In fact the value of your print is usually worth that added protection! There is alot of labour that costs alot more than the protection of your prints. Protecting your prints is not expensive. but it is protecting your asset and adding that extra durability with an eco friendly and sustainable process that does not require special equipment. Almost anyone can do it by hand, indoors or outdoors. 
With hand rollers, paint pads, brushes, or spray equipment, you can double the resistance of your print that will be ready in lest than 30 minutes! 

For larger more regular jobs or projects you can either purchase, rent or lease one our specialist digital coating systems. Otherwise  you can send your prints to us and we can take care of this part of the project for you and with youl! 


Fully faded unprotected outdoor Banner
Un-predictable surface damage
Banners can be protected with liquid Lamination -

Whether you use or require indoor, outdoor, long term, short term, visual communications for commercial office, home,, retail, events,  branding, you will be sure to benefit from the advantage of our Sustainable and durable solutions and support services.

We make it easy to install, remove, restore , or replace your visual communications, art and graphics as well as protecting them from premature fade or unexpected damage over time. You can also benefit from the ability to retain for re-use or recycle your assets when your campaign or project reaches its end of life.

Phototex Self adhesive Fabric is both durable and stable and long lasting.

Landor Liquid Lamination provides that extra essential protection including options for anti-microbial or anti Graffiti protection

Cracked Canvas can be prevented with Liquid Lamination

Canvas is suseptible to damage, especially cracking when stretched. Since most canvases are acquired for both pleasure but also long time, it is even more importnat to give the artwork, its textured and aesthetic surface that extra protection. 

Over time, dust, dirt, grime, and pollution will make its way to your print surface and your inks. 

A simple layer of protection locks away the ink and the substrate from damaging your your print and will ensure at least double the life. Cleaning of the surfaces will never damage the prints and you can expect to enjoy your printed canvas for a very long time. 

Whether it is yourself or your someone else who coats the canvas, it is very easy to do it and it does not have to be messy and can be done almost in moments and with very little clean up.  

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We can guide you through the process and help you select the right finish for your artwork. 

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