The Phototex Advantage for Museums and Galleries

What makes Phototex such an advantage for Museums and Gallery applications?

Phototex is a versatile, temporary, or permanent and durable long lasting adhesive fabric that can be used for a variety of marketing and event applications. One of the key benefits of Phototex is that it allows you to create immersive, engaging environments by seamlessly integrating images into walls or other surfaces. This can be particularly effective in museums and galleries, where the use of large-scale graphics can help to bring exhibits to life, compliment the exhibit and create an impactful visitor experience.

In addition, Phototex offers the benefit of being easy to install and remove, which makes it an ideal solution for temporary or short-term marketing and event installations. Unlike traditional signage or graphics that will require extended time to remove in the first place, then repair the surfaces and make good whether or not you are replacing with another visual. Phototex can be peeled off by anyone, without bringing in the specialists, and all of it can berepositioned without leaving any residue or damage behind.

In addition, Phototex can be used to avoid or replace obtrusive furniture or fixtures, with much more visual effect and inspiration. No extra hardware is needed!  This will help to reduce waste and save money, while also allowing for greater design flexibility and customization.

Overall, Phototex is a versatile and sustainable solution that can help to create immersive, engaging environments for marketing and events, while also offering the benefits of easy installation and temporary, or long term non-damaging removal. It is very much a sustainable replacement to the low cost, vulnerable pvc vinyl films that have limited performance and little sustainability especially when exposed to differing conditions. Phototex will not shrink, crease, and its durable surface and adhesive strength enables it to be used repeatedly if required.  

In the case of galleries and museums, Phototex will also reduce the number of times the walls need to be reprinted. In fact, you can even wrap a wall in Phototex to provide that extra layer of protection to your walls!  

For longer term use, or heavier traffic areas, you can go one further step with Phototex by protecting it against abrasion, water, chemical, and the effects of day to day pollution by using Landor liquid lamination coatings that can be applied by hand after installation if required.

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