Welcome to Landor UK

The home of cutting edge, durable and sustainable solutions and services to the print, display and visual communications sectors.

Welcome to Landor UK

The home of cutting edge, durable and sustainable solutions and services to the print, display and visual communications sectors.

The No Residue Peel & Stick Removable Self-Adhesive Fabric
Enhance, Protect and Extend the Life of Your Prints
Support and Advice for Sustainable and Durable Print

Transform Your Spaces & Venues with Easy to use, & Protect, Sustainable
Peel and Stick Fabric & Print Protection Coatings

Whether you use or require indoor, outdoor, long term, short term, visual communications, your will be sure to benefit from the many advantages of our sustainable and durable solutions and support services 

Protect your walls from Damage every time you install and remove your graphics - saving Labour, disruption and costs - Just pull off the walls when finished

- Residue free!

Not just sustainable and aesthic materials, but also eco friendly answers to your own buildings and infrastructure

We make it easy to install, remove, restore , or replace your visual communications, art and graphics as well as protecting them from premature fade or unexpected damage over time. You can also benefit from the ability to retain for re-use or recycle your assets when your campaign or project reaches its end of life.

Phototex Self adhesive Fabric is both durable and stable and long lasting. LEED certified, and Child safe Certified (ACT)

Landor Liquid Lamination provides that extra essential protection including options for anti-microbial or anti Graffiti protection




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Landor Phototex Peel & Stick Fabric is a versatile and sustainable solution for those looking to make an impact in their industry. It can be removed and repositioned without leaving residue or damaging surfaces is a great feature, as is its reusability and recyclability. Save the traditional time and cost of wall and surface repairs and venue disruption with almost any other substrate!

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The Advantages of Liquid Lamination

Coating by Hand 1.6m Water Based Coater Aersol Sprays Every printed image is susceptible to damage unless it has a form of protection. Frequently this

The Phototex Self-Adhesive Fabric Advantage

Landor can help you transform your spaces quickly and cost-effectively because Phototex will save you as much as 75% of the installation time and associated costs. Once installed, it is even easier to remove and change, particularly compared with most other self-adhesive vinyl, films, and paste the wall products. Removal costs, materials, time, labour and especially disruption can be costly. With Phototex, this simply is not necessary! (remove and replace!) 

Phototex is easy to reposition or move time and again and it is guaranteed to never damage your wall or surface or leave any residue when it’s removed. Its adhesive is designed to do just that. Phototex is an installer’s dream. It can be removed and repositioned hundreds of times without any weakening or degradation of the adhesive strength. In fact you can preserve it, or take it back and install it again – or you just recycle it! 

Not only is Phototex a no-residue, repositionable and removable fabric – it can also be reused many times for as long as you have new locations to install it. It is easy to roll up and transport because the unique Phototex adhesive does not damage the printed ink surface either. 

Once you have finished with Phototex and removed it – you can also simply recycle it. It is a truly sustainable and versatile media. Phototex is loved the world over. That’s why it is the number 1 selling and and most trusted self-adhesive fabric.   

Landor Liquid Lamination

Landor Liquid lamination provides that extra visual enhancement and added protection to provide you with the extra durability and useability.

We can help you extend the life and preserve the quality of your digital inkjet prints.

FACT – You can double the life of your prints whenever you use Landor Liquid lamination products. Added UV fade-resistance ensures the prints will last longer.

Packaging films – For our range of JetComp Packaging Film, click here.



The Landor Print Consultancy

The Landor Print Consultancy is a dedicated service provided to all Landor Customers, distrbutors, partners and associates. We have a lot of information to share. and we want you to be the beneficiary of what we hear and learn from rthe field. Its all very well listening to a salesman embellishing all the benefits and advantages of their products without once mentioning its shortfalls.

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