Landor ColourJet Ultra-Performance Fixative 463ml spray


Landor ColourJet Fixative Spray by LandorUK uses high performance resins, which protects against aggressive chemicals and UV fade.

The coating is optically clear – so enhances and protects your inkjet prints.

ColourJet adheres to all prints – at least doubling the life as well as protecting them.

No other spray provides the high performance protection of Landor ColourJet.

There is no better protection for your valuable inkjet prints than our special formulation spray.

Key Benefits Summary:-

  • Aerosol Spray Cans are fast, clean and produce bubble-free finish for when ease of use is a priorities
  • Less waste that standard film laminates
  • Extend fade resistance with state of the art UV-inhibitors
  • Finished output is highly-flexible, waterproof and will not yellow
  • Protects all Desktop and wide format industrial sized inkjet printed prints

Further information is available by requesting your free copy of the Landor Liquid Lamination Handbook.

Also check out our other product, Landor ColourJet Canvas Inkjet Spray, if you’re searching for a spray that’s specifically designed to protect your fine art canvas and fine art papers.

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